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Advent Reflections
from Annunciation Convent

Fourth Week of Advent

At Mass for the fourth Sunday of Advent, we hear once again the familiar, incredible, joy-filled and uplifting story of the Annunciation from Luke’s gospel.  There is so much to ponder in the conversation between Mary and the angel Gabriel.   So many short phrases that catch our attention and, perhaps, bring us to a place where we encounter God and sense God’s desires for our own life . . .

Rejoice, O highly favored daughter (or son) . . . can I imagine God sending this message to me personally?

Do not be afraid (my name) . . . God shows love and care for our human condition. 

How can this be? . . . Surely a question I have raised to God in prayer.

I am the handmaid of the Lord . . . Let what you have said be done to me.

    What freedom have I felt as I surrender all my cares and concerns to God?

And the most hopeful truth of all:  Nothing is impossible with God.

Nothing … 

Let us approach the coming feast of Christmas, knowing that we also look to the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the gift of Jesus into our heart.  

- Sister Karen Stoila 

Third Week of Advent

A call to be a witness to love of God and love of neighbor
without distinction.
A call to give witness to a God who has such a desire to come close to us.
A call to give witness to a greater purpose in our "being"
than this world might offer.
When did you last experience the presence of God?
Who in your life gives evidence of a God of love?
Where did you last offer an expression of God's love and compassion?
Rejoice!  Again, I say rejoice!
God is with us in everything and everywhere.  We are all one. Be awake! Rejoice!

- Sister Paula Drass

Second Week of Advent

The second week of Advent graces us with beautiful images of wildness, and wilderness, tenderness and shepherds, highways and valleys!

And so I pause in the hustle and bustle of this season, and I ponder: what is my wilderness, and to whom am I speaking tender words?

Can I see in the wildness of John his zeal and single-hearted passion for Jesus, and realize those gifts in my own heart and soul!

Can I pay attention this week if I find myself in a deep, dark desert and hear the voice that may be crying out to teach me?

Come Lord Jesus, teach us tender words to speak to your people; lead us all from wilderness to the mountain where we may live forever with You.

- Sister Mary Meyers

First Week of Advent

Be watchful!  Be alert!
You do not know when the time will come…Mark 12:33
We are not a patient people. We want everything now!
Advent’s call is an invitation to patience. 
Can I spend this time between today and Christmas to prepare my heart
to receive the gift of God?
This busy time of year, calls me to draw closer to others, above all to God, who became one of us and lived among us.
What will help me to be watchful and recognize God’s presence in the ordinariness of my daily life?
Can I slow down? 
Help me to carve out moments of quiet during the day when I can be
in God’s presence.

- Sister Barbara Czyrnik


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